Our Mission

The Eastside Change Coalition will serve as a platform for youth activists, by youth activists, who strive to build an Eastside community that is safe and equitable for all. We will use our resources to uplift, amplify, and connect the voices of the youth to dismantle systems of oppression, together.

Origin Story

As long time residents, the Eastside is our home. In response to the continued robbing of black and brown lives this summer, we formed this group to rally youth voices in the fight for social justice in our own neighborhoods. From hosting in person events to engage with the community, to pushing forward demands towards historically oppressive institutions, we use our platform to show that the BIPOC youth will not be ignored.

Our Chairs

Picture of Ngaya Swai

Ngaya Swai

Ngaya Swai is a current student at Pitzer College, who has lived in Bellevue, Washington for 10 years. He has been a social organizer and activist pushing for equity in all places.

Picture of Trey Rudolph

Trey Rudolph

Currently studying at Washington University in St Louis, Trey is a committed field organizer, and bright visionary, working to support the most vulnerable communities.

Picture of Eliana Swai

Eliana Swai

Eliana Swai is a 12th grader from Bellevue, Washington and will be attending Swarthmore College in the Fall. Eliana has been avidly working in her school, work, and home communities to create a feeling of belonging for all.

ECC Teams

Social Media & Outreach

The social media and outreach team works to create a platforms for our fellow activists on the Eastside and beyond to find cohesive, accessible, and relevant information regarding events and resources which further the procession of justice for Black, brown, immigrant, LGBTQ, disabled, and poor bodies. Using these online platforms, we create connections with other activist groups in our area through shoutouts, co-sponsored event promotions, and more.

  • Eliana Swai
  • Emma Wyler
  • Sonia Lester
  • Sarah Xu
  • Carter Johnson
  • Leah Kibuta
  • Kaylia Bell
  • Morgan Bell

Policy & Demands

The Policy and Demands team is responsible for finalizing innovative policies and presenting them to the right groups or individuals to be enacted. We have the responsibility of collecting information and compiling them into research documents, which will be used to inform the creation of demands directed at local community institutions such as police departments, city councils, mayor offices, and school districts.

  • Ngaya Swai
  • Abhay Deshpande
  • Maya Nathani-Sim
  • Cindy Wang
  • Hans Encarnaci√≥n
  • Margaret Li
  • And 1 other
  • Trey Rudolph
  • Kamila Meghji
  • Nathan Apfel
  • Siona Wadhawan
  • Darius Fields